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There is no way I can keep my composure for this one folks, I went down to Wellington yesterday for the Tenacious D concert, and gawd,those guys kick ass! Just two guys with two guitars and they had the house rocking!

Anyway, back to why I'm making this very quick entry, after the show I was lucky enough to meet both Kyle and Jack! I had my pic taken with both of them, got my ticket signed, got a personalized autograph from Jack and I got 2 more guitar picks to add to my collection! I found Kyles on the floor as I was leaving and I asked Jack when I met him if he had one on him, He looked apologetic and said no, he didn't think so. Then he reached into his pocket, fished around, and with that cute and somewhat impish grin of his, he pulled out a used JB pick and handed it to me! HOLYSHITNIZZLE!!!!!!!

I'm waiting on an email from Uvi (the guy with the pics) and if things go to plan, on Thursday I'll scan my ticket and the guitar picks so I can show them off, so watch this space!

It feels so unreal, like it was a dream or something, only I keep looking at my ticket and it comes crashing back that, in fact, it really did happen, I MET TENACIOUS D!!!!!!!

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